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Last year I contacted Ranlife directly to see about making some changes to my mortgage rates, refinancing, or selling our home. In the beginning we were told that our rate was decent, and that there wasn't much we could do. Then at the end of last year I received a call from Ben. He talked about how the person who worked for Ranlife prior was no longer with the company, and that he had some of my information on file. He mentioned that he thought he could help us save some money. We moved forward. At first, I was not sure what we wanted to do. Ben worked with me to see what we qualified for in regards to buying a new home and selling ours. He was very detailed in his answers to me, and we decided to move in the direction of refinancing instead. He requested specific info which we provided, and he was very quick to order an appraisal and get everything set up. The process was very smooth, and straightforward. Most of the time, I felt like I was bugging him with 800 questions, yet he answered them all in detail and with kindness. It was helpful to know what we were getting into. The only part of the process that I was not happy with was the appraisal. The appraiser came to my home and was very upset about having to deal with my dogs. She acted angry about them, even though they were outside. I had to let my tiny 12 week old puppy inside because it was winter, and she was very upset about it. After inspecting the home and taking photographs, she requested that we pull up the carpet on our stairs because of some bulges that were trip hazards. I did so that same day. When she came back to my home, she stuck her head in the front door to take a quick photo, and then billed me an extra $100. Both times that she came to my home she was late by more than 45 minutes, and I felt like this extra bill was unjustified. I can see perhaps paying for her mileage at a per-diem rate, but $100? I felt it was unfair. However, that has nothing to do with Ben! He was awesome. I wish I could have handed the money I paid to the appraiser directly to him instead. The closing process was so easy. The title company worked with us on the time that worked with my husband’s strange schedule. They sat down with us and explained everything (although Ben had already done that, so the paperwork was literally a duplicate of what Ben already told us). it was fast, and they gave us our copy quickly. I was able to get the loan funded and finished within 3 days, and all the payments to debt were sent. Overall, I would rate Ranlife, specifically Ben, 5 out of 5 stars. My only exception would be the appraisal process, and I am quite sure that is a different company altogether. Thank you so much for working with us! I do hope you contact us again if rates go down. Tiffany and David Blue

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