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Late December 2016, I received a phone call from Ran life loan officer Colby Jones expressing that Ran life has one of the best financing programs there are. “I though hmmm. I have heard that a million times before” Earlier this year I went through Citi Bank home loans and could not get approved due to miscellaneous reasons that I explained to Mr. Jones. He assured me that his company could work with that and even offered multiple programs that helped pay for the closing cost. The process took about a month or so, and after his diligent work and construction formatting a loan that worked in my best interest I am now a Homeowner of a 6-bedroom house in the Bay area California. What makes Colby Jones a Loan officer to remember was the afterhours calls he accepted, and even when on vacation he took the time to answer a first-time homebuyer’s questions. If you’re thinking of getting a loan, don’t trust in what I say, but before you go anywhere else to consider getting a home loan give Colby 1 month of your time and experience an approval process, low rates, specialized programs that assist in closing cost, and family orientated care. Allstate commercial now belongs to Ran life Colby Jones because I was in good hands.

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