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I have heard commercials for years on the Radio from Hell x96 about RanLife. But, it wasn't until I found myself in a new job and self-employed that I ran into trouble getting a loan. The banks I turned to in the past to help me fund my homes wouldn't even consider me. It didn't matter that the kind of income I bring in was well enough to purchase a home, it only mattered that I didn't hit certain criteria. I had called RanLife on a whim and I was directed to Eric Mabon. He listened to me and told me he could help me out. We were initially trying to purchase a home that had a complete lunatic as the listing agent. Eric helped get everything in line to get funded. But the home fell through due to the previously mentioned agent. Eric was patient and gave helpful suggestions. A month or so later, we found a home. But, similar to the previous homes, we had to jump through some hoops. Eric worked closely with the two agents and got the job done before an extremely tight deadline. Without his pushing, it may not have happened. On top of that, he and RanLife was the only lending agent willing to work with my less than ideal self-employment status. I'll work with Eric and RanLife again on my next home and will continue to refer him to those I know. Did I mention I'm in construction and work with agents and banks all the time? So, I should be semi-qualified to make this assessment. Thanks again for your help Eric.

Helping RANLife Agent

Eric Mabon

Loan Officer

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