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I am writing to express my deep appreciation, admiration and profound gratitude for the support and services of Braydon Slauson, one of your senior loan officers. Braydon was my loan officer on a mortgage that was just completed with RANLife. It was a somewhat complicated purchase, pretty stressful (as are all most home purchases) and I could absolutely never have done it without Braydon. I have purchased several properties over the years and dealt with several mortgage companies, all of which have been pleasant experiences, but Braydon went way beyond what I expected. His calm professionalism, his care and compassion, his attention to detail and his extreme kindness deserve to be recognized over and above normal business standards. My real estate agent has also expressed her admiration for Braydon and has said she wants to work with RANLife and Braydon again as he is so knowledgeable and made it all so pleasant and easy. I also want to thank you and RANLife for the program that enabled me to purchase property when I had not thought that possible again. I will certainly be referring anyone I know who is considering the purchase of property to RANLife, and specifically to Braydon Slauson. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Joan C. James

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