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We came into contact with Wes by accident. Zillow put us in contact with him regarding a listing we were looking at, but it turned out that Zillow sent us to him by accident (he wasn't the agent on the listing). However, after talking with Wes and meeting him on another listing, we ended up using him as our agent. And let me tell you...we are soooo glad that we did!!! We went into the home buying process without knowing anything about home buying, and he walked us through everything step by step. He was so patient with us, and answered all of our questions (and we ask a BUNCH). He never griped about taking us to see countless homes (we must have saw 30+), and ensured that we were satisfied with everything before we committed to the buying the house we finally found. He educated us on what to look for, what to avoid, and what we should keep in mind if we ever wanted to re-sell the house. He really kicked butt when it came to negotiations, and did everything he could to get us the lowest price possible (as well as negotiated other items that needed to be fixed once the inspection came back). Bottomline - You will not regret working with Wes. He is a good guy, funny, caring, and will go to above and beyond to ensure that you get what you want. Do yourself a favor and don't pass him up.

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